Can I Feed My Bulldog Chicken? Is It Bad?

Is chicken bad for bulldogs?  I see it in a number of good dog foods and am confused.  If I look for other meats in dog food what should I be looking for?



Hi John,

Chicken is in a lot of good dog foods because it is plentiful
and inexpensive.

I don’t think chicken is bad but there are a lot of food allergies
in dogs related to chicken.  My bulldog Archie is allergic to
chicken.  He had digestive problems and the vet said it was
inflammatory bowel syndrome and he would need to be on meds
his whole life.

I simply could not buy into his diagnosis and that’s what led to
all this research I did on food.

So I did some food trials and whenever I gave Archie chicken,
he would have a reaction.

The reason why so many dogs are allergic to chicken is (in my
opinion) because of over vaccination.  Allergies are really an
immune reaction to a certain protein that that the immune system
perceives (mistakenly) as an intruder.  Like when you have an
allergic reaction to pollen.

In the case of dogs and chicken, it is a reaction to the chicken
protein.  The reason many holistic vets think this is related to
vaccinations is that vaccines are typically grown in chicken eggs
or kidneys or some such medium.

Anyway, whenever I feed Archie anything chicken (even an egg),
he gets diarrhea.

The meats I feed are lamb, venison, rabbit, and other less popular
and over-industrialized foods, sometimes beef (if I cook it myself),
especially if they come from New Zealand or Australia because
the food source is less apt to have been compromised in the
name of efficiency and cost-saving measures.

I used to be in the food industry – I was a food photographer working
for large food companies – and that’s when I learned a lot about
what is done to the foods we eat – and it isn’t pretty.  And all the parts
of the animals that can’t be turned into human food are turned into
dog food.

Purebred dogs and bulldogs in particular are more susceptible to
these things because they are so inbred.  A specialty breed like
the bulldog has been inbred for over a hundred years, and in the
last twenty or so years the AKC encourages this inbreeding by
awarding prizes to certain breed attributes.

This inbreeding is such an issue in terms of general health of any
purebred dog that is bred for looks rather than health.  It really makes
me wonder whether so called championship lines are all they’re
cracked up to be!

your bulldog pal,

——follow up question——

Based on what you are telling me, I will need to watch her “reaction” to it.  What should I be looking for for (itching, hot spots, etc). and how soon should I see these reactions?


The signs of food allergy are either intestinal (diarrhea or soft stools)
which you would see within a day, and skin reactions, usually the hair
starts to fall out in patches which could take a month or more to show
your bulldog pal,



  1. Debbie
    January 2nd, 2011 | 5:24 pm

    I just stumbled upon this discussion and am glad I did!
    I have a French bulldog , Bailey and she has had soft stool ever since I’ve had her. Lately it has gotten really bad. I have had her at the Vet so much in the last 5 weeks and it has gotten worse! They suggested boiled chicken and rice and after a week it has not improved. She has been on flagyl, albon, amoxicillin, probiotics, forti flora. We have done blood work and xrays.
    Now she is also on a prescription diet EN. Since friday. Still liquid diarrhea.
    I suspect chicken after reading this and many other articles.
    Can anyone help me or suggest if I should try something else or do what the vet says and give this food a week or more?
    Im afraid to wait so much longer. It has been FIVE weeks like this, I feel so bad for her!

  2. Jan
    January 2nd, 2011 | 7:40 am

    I’m not sure what EN is but if it’s one of the Hill’s prescription diets like I/D for gastrointestinal disorders I’d suggest you get Bailey off that immediately. It’s most likely corn or soy based and those are very difficult for dogs to digest. Switch her to something holistic with few ingredients like Venison or Duck formulas. I recommend going to a local small dog food store.

    Add the following two supplements.

    Also add a sprinkle of L-Glutamine (about 1/16 tsp of the powdered form you can buy at Whole Foods or a similar store) on the food along with about 1/4 cup water – mix together. This is an amino acid that helps digestion.

    You should also give her a multi-strained probiotic (human form is ok, also available at natural foods stores). She’s been on so many antibiotics and ironically they only make matters worse for digestion and a healthy intestinal system.

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