Stenotic Nares in English Bulldog

Can stenotic nares be identified without putting a bulldog under anesthesia?

Yes, they are readily visible in the nose,
I’ve attached two photo.  The bigger the
nares, the less air can come through the nostrils.

The second photo shows nares that are
blocking the nostrils and may be hampering breathing.
The first photo in my opinon shows normal bulldog nares.

If they are so big as to hamper breathing,
by actually closing the nasal opening,
some people have them surgically removed.

If they are not hampering your bulldog’s ability
to breathe, I would not recommend removing
them.  Any surgery on a bulldog involves risk.

There are a lot of vets who routinely recommend
removing nares and doing palate surgery, but I
think a lot of this is done for cosmetic reasons and
really don’t think for the most part this is necessary
since these are characteristics of the bulldog breed.

your bulldog pal,



  1. Kathy Lamanuzzi
    April 15th, 2009 | 6:54 am

    Hi Jan
    I did receive your information about my 6 month old Bulldog that was vomiting and not defecating. Unfortunately, we returned our
    English Bulldog (pup) to the breeders yesterday (monday). We have not heard from them on his gastrointestinal condition yet. We had decided every 1-2 weeks to the vets office was too much for us to handle in our lives at this time. We pray for him and his new placement with a new owner. Thank you again Jan

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