My Bulldog is Panting A Lot


I’ve noticed this past few days, she’s been panting more so than usual.
Since I live in Arizona, I always leave her inside with the air condition at 79;
which I think is not to cold or to warm for her until I get home.
Should I take her to the vet and have her checked out or is this normal?



Hi Jessica,

79 is ok for an English Bulldog that is just resting at home
while you’re at work, but it’s a bit hot if she gets excited
or runs around.

Heatstroke can occur in a bulldog at this temperature
if they run around too much and overexert.  It is very
difficult for a bulldog to cool down because they do not
have a normal nose, which provides cooling for a dog.

You could try setting the temp at 75 and see if she does better.
When you come home she gets excited and that can make
her pant more, especially when it’s hot.

If you turn down the A/C and she continues to pant, you could have
her checked out.  An underlying heart condition can make a
bulldog pant with little exertion.  But in your case, I suspect
it may be due to excitement at seeing you and nothing to worry about.
your bulldog pal,


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