Worrisome Dog Food Consolidation News

There have been many complaints about Canidae dog foods lately
especially their All Life Stages product.  Dogs that have been eating
it for years are suddenly having problems.

There was a formula change which is documented and touted as
a great improvement in holistic dog foods on their website

There is also a rumor that they were sold to Diamond Pet Foods.
I dug a little deeper and found that Canidae is in fact only using
Diamond as a processor of their foods. But that indicated to me
bigger and not necessarily better!

My specialty retailer told me the Canidae reps said the formula change
is due to the rice shortage. It is true there is a rice shortage, but
again the growth in size tells me they are ramping up to sell the company.

I used to be in the ad business and that is what a company often does
to promote a big buy out: increase output and market presence, like
when Wellness ramped up and started selling in big box retailers.

Now I’ve just heard that Nature’s Variety, my current favorite and
maker of Prairie, Instinct, and Raw Diets, has been sold to Berwind,
the same private company that purchased Wellness.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more consolidation stories soon.

your bulldog pal,


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