Excessive Hum*ping in Bulldog

I have a 7 month old English Bulldog who I love with all my heart….I have had several, but, I have never come across a male that was so se*ually excitable As Buster, He actually humps air….and anything else that he can…
I’m concerned.



Hi Gary,

Some young bulldogs will get easily excited and hump the air.
This is usually just a phase that doesn’t last long (a month or two).

There is a danger that his pen*is could get stuck when it’s enlarged
and it can be painful.  Usually it resolves itself although he may
have difficulty even walking when this happens.  The little hairs on
the pupice curl in and keep the pen*is from being able to retract.

Here’s an explanation from www.lowchensaustralia.com/breeding/reprotract.htm:

During an erect*ion, the urethral gland on a dog’s pen*is can swell so much it is too wide to retract into the sheath. If the erect*ion is prolonged, the pen*is becomes dry and cannot be withdrawn. To treat this condition, lubricate the pen*is with water-soluble jelly and slide it back in its sheath. If this is not possible, keep it moistened with lubricant and get veterinary help.

If your bulldog tries to hu*mp people at this stage, you need to discourage
this kind of behavior or he will continue it his entire life.

To discourage it, you can either give him a verbal command if he will respond,
or squirt him with water and tell him firmly “no” when he attempt to hump a leg
or something.

In my experience this behavior is short lived.  When his testosterone stops
spiking, he will stop hump*ing the air.  And with firm, constant reprimands
for hump*ing a human, your English Bulldog will stop doing this as well.

your bulldog pal,


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