What’s the Best Chew Toy for a Bulldog?

HI Jan,

Could you tell me a good chew toy for bulldogs? Seems like everything we
buy Gracie only has it a few days then its all chewed up.  I have to really
watch her cause she will even chew the chair I am sitting in.

She doesn’t seem to like the real hard rubber ones which do seem to last
longer. Any kind of raw hide makes her throw up.

Any suggestions would be a great help?

Thanks so much,

Hi Janice,

I have found that Kong chew toys are the most durable for bullies.  Have
you tried the ones where you put a treat inside?  Sometimes this will
attract them when the toy alone they don’t like.

If Gracie is chewing on the wrong things, like your furniture, you can rub a
little BenGay on the furniture.  They hate the taste.  You can also try
Bitter Apple, be sure to shake it before spraying or else she’ll think it’s

Other brands that have done well for bulldogs are
-Nylaknot – nylabone’s extra tough line
-Sheepskin toys (be sure they cannot get the squeaker out and there are no
eyes that could be chewed out)
-Booda bones and ropes (be careful they can’t chew up the rope) – try the X-Large
Booda super 8 tug
-there is a rubber tug toy I’ve seen bulldogs playing tug-a-war with that seems to
last, called Invincible Chains Tug Toy – get the large one
-empty plastic water bottles (with cap, ring, and label removed) work really well,
my Archie loves them and the price is right!  Throw them out when they start to
show too much wear.

It’s ok for the dogs to play tug-a-war, but you should never let a human play tug
with them as it promotes a dominance instinct in the dog.

Rawhides, even the particle types are bad.  Rawhide expands in the stomach and can
kill a bulldog who swallows chunks of it.  Bulldogs gulp, they don’t really chew
their food.  Rope toys may be shredded and if they eat them, you can
get the same stomach problem.  So you need to keep an eye on them with a rope

A dog has a reflex at the back of the stomach that causes the to throw up
things that cannot be digested, but it does not always ensure your dogs
won’t be harmed by ingesting the wrong thing.

Never give a bulldog a greenie either, despite the new ads.  I’ve heard of
cases where a Greenie had to be surgically removed from a bulldog’s
stomach (at a cost of $3000).

good luck – bulldogs can destroy many chew toys in a matter of hours!

your bulldog pal,



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  3. Jan
    October 30th, 2009 | 1:18 am

    I’ve found a new durable and stimulating bulldog chew toy. It’s shaped like a vase so your dog can carry it around by one end and you can hide a treat in the other end. It’s called Canine Genius. You can link two together, you can hide a dog treat inside, and it’s nearly indestructible! Archie loves his.

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