Bulldog Puppy with Urinary Tract Infection

Hello Jan,

First of all, I would like to thank you very much for all the knowledge we’ve gain from your emails.

I thought of you because me and my girlfriend is having problems with our baby Basha. Since she was 3 months old we have been giving her CANIDAE (Grain-free Salmon). She’s now 8 months old.

We just found out she has an Urinary Tract problems, which causes her to urinate in her sleep. So our Vet prescribe her antibiotic and said we had to change her diet to Prescription Diet c/d.

I researched on the ingredients of that dog food which contains whole grain corn, chicken by-product, soymilk meal, corn gluten meal, soybean mill run, and soybean oil.

I’ve learned that all these are bad for any dogs especially for Bulldogs. I wanted to ask you before we consult with another vet. Shouldn’t there be other alternative diet for our baby.

Thank you for your kind help. Have a great day.



Hi Ed,

Personally I don’t like those prescription diets and think their ingredients are not good for dogs long term.  Many vet schools are sponsored by Hills Science Diet and vets are trained to use these special diets.

Urinary Tract infections can call for reduced protein, some minerals and sodium. It’s possible that the grain free salmon was overloading her.  I’d just switch to a meat based diet like Prairie Lamb or Venison and see how she does.

It’s important that Basha be treated for this infection and once you start the antibiotics it’s advisable that you finish them.  You can add probiotics to her diet while she’s on them to help promote beneficial bacteria that antibiotics tend to kill with the bad.  Also you can add 1 Tbs of vinegar (I use Braggs raw unfiltered) to her water bowl when you fill it up and be sure the
water is fresh.  The vinegar helps neutralize ph and can prevent overgrowth of the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections.

Bathe her ‘private’ area at lease once a week in mild soap to keep bacteria from proliferating, walk her a couple times a day to encourage her to pee which will also prevent bacterial build up.

your bulldog pal,


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