English Bulldog Pregnancy Gone Wrong

This may be a controversial post because I have
definite opinions about casual Bulldog breeding.
Many bulldog owners think their dog is so cute, they
should breed them.

Breeding Bulldogs is a complicated, expensive, and
labor intensive process that I recommend only to
experienced breeders.

I ran across a case study of one such pregnancy at
Alameda East Veterinary Hospital. Many of you may
be familiar with this hospital because it is featured
on Emergency Vets on the Animal Planet.

Anyway, I know Dr Kevin Fitzgerald and Dr Messinger,
they were two of Vivy’s many vets.  And Alameda East
is a class A facility.

This story illustrated the problems you can run into
when you breed your bulldog. And the importance
of having great vets available when you need them.

Read the cast study here:

Anyway, I don’t want to offend anyone who wants to
breed their Bulldog. I just think in most cases
it is definitely not profitable and
it’s better left to the experts.

Your Bulldog Pal,



  1. Jennifer
    October 17th, 2010 | 7:22 am

    Hi Jan, I’ve looked all over your contact page, but was not able to find an email, so the next best thing is to leave my question as a comment.

    I have a work acquaintance that is set on allowing his bulldog to have at least one litter of puppies because he feels she has the right to “experience motherhood.” It’s his dog, but it’s hard for me to not try to dissuade him.

    There are several reasons for this. First, he barely has enough time for his own dog, let alone a litter. (I know because he asked me how to get her to stop going potty in the house next to the door; when I asked for more details, he let on that he was leaving her in the house alone for 6-7 hours at a stretch while he’s at work.) Second, he’s not an experienced breeder, so these puppies could end up with all kinds of medical and/or behavioral issues. Third, is that any puppies he brings into the world will be taking the place of a dog that could have been adopted from a bulldog rescue organization or shelter, or worse, he’ll be creating dogs that will need to be rescued or that could end up in a shelter or euthanized.

    Please, let me know your opinion of what, if anything, I should say to him. Normally I try not to butt-in to other people’s affairs, but this is something that will have lasting repercussions for a whole litter of puppies, and their puppies if they’re allowed to breed, etc.

    Thank you for your time, Jennifer

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