English Bulldog Puppy Training

We are hoping to get a new bulldog puppy in October!! (I am SO excited-I CANNOT wait) Can you recommend any books on training?


Congratulations on your new puppy – that’s very exciting news!!!
Training is a good idea as our bulldogs can be rather stubborn.

There’s lots of material out there on training, just doing a search on Google
will give you lots of free information.

I have found it best to hire a trainer. With Vivy I hired Barkbusters because
as she got older she developed some aggression problems. They had her
under control in a few hours! They are expensive but come with a life of
the dog guarantee.

With Archie I hired a local trainer when he was a puppy because I did not
want to have those same problems. We went through the basics, like
heel and sit, etc.

The thing about a trainer is that they help train you in the proper way to
handle a dog. As humans we make a lot of assumptions about our dog’s
behavior that the dog doesn’t understand.

Did you watch the Dog Behavior videos on the cd (included in my Bulldog
Health System
)? They have a lot of
information about instinctual behavior in dogs.

If you’re still looking for a training program, you could try either
of these two sites:

You can also take puppy classes at a local pet store. It’s really
important to socialize the little guy or gal.


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