Introducing My Bulldog To Another Dog

I have been asked if i would care for 3 yr old female bully i already have 5 yr old male do you think it would be ok to have this dog or do you think i will have problems.

It depends upon the temperament of both dogs.  I’ve found males to be more tolerant of new females coming into their territory than the reverse.  You should let the dogs meet in a neutral territory (don’t just bring her into his house) and see how it goes.

Dogs are very social animals but they also have a pack mentality and sometimes they just don’t like a new dog around their space.  If the dogs meet and bow down to each other playfully that’s a good sign.  If they stand rigid or the hairs on the back of the neck go up then things aren’t going so well.

Also give the dogs lots of positive reinforcement for good behavior.  Don’t be nervous because your dog will pick up on your feelings and that can complicate things.

Here’s an article from the Humane Society on how to introduce pets:


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