Bulldog has “red ball” growth – prolapsed urethra?

Hi Jan!

I just recently found your blog and thought you could help me.
My boy Tank has a red ball at the end of his pe*nis that is  about the size
of a small grape. It doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all and it’s not
affecting urination that I can tell. It’s been there for a while and doesn’t
seem to be getting better. We live in the arctic and won’t have access to
a vet till we go on vacation in November. Tank is otherwise very healthy.
Additional details- He’s 19 months old and he’s fixed. Should I be worried?

Thanks, Tank’s Mom Morena

Hi Morena,

It sounds like Tank may have what’s called a prolapsed urethra, which
is fairly common in bulldogs.  Sometimes this results in bleeding if
a small blood vessel breaks.  Since he’s stable you are probably ok
for now but you should see a specialist vet (urologist) as soon as
possible for a proper diagnosis.

Here’s an article on the subject:

Vets used to amputate the end of the penis to fix this problem but there
is a new and very easy, non-invasive procedure now that does not mutilate
the dog, but tacks the urethra back into the penis.  It’s called a Urethropexy,
and it only takes about 15 minutes to perform:

I hope this helps.  Please let me know how it goes.

Your Bulldog Pal,



  1. Morena Steeves
    August 18th, 2009 | 5:57 am

    Thanks Jan! I’m thrilled my question was interesting enough to have made the blog. We spoke to a vet this morning and he agreed with your diagnosis. He said it should probobly be ok till November as long as it doesn’t get any worse. We’ll keep an eye on it and if it does take a bad turn we’ll fly him out to have it fixed sooner. Thanks again!

  2. Clare
    September 1st, 2009 | 10:32 pm

    Oh, what a releif I stumbled across your blog today.
    Harry my British Bulldog also has the problem you mention here but not quite as bad. Our Vet hasn’t seen this before but has done some research. He seems to have a pea size blood blister, he’s nearly 1yr old. We had him fixed as the vet recommended this will slow the blood flow to that area, Some days it seems to have cleared the problem but the next it’s back. He also suggested if this was unsuccessful the next step may be to look at amputating the end of his penis – poor Harry!
    I’ll be sure to chat to our Vet about the Urethropexy proceedure.
    Thanks Cx

  3. September 4th, 2009 | 3:56 am

    If you let them cut off the end of Harry’s pen*is, he may not be able to pee properly and will either spray or dribble or urinate on himself. I have heard of many cases that wind up with these complications using this antiquated method of controlling a prolapsed urethra. Please check out the Urethropexy procedure!

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