Bulldog Pup with Runny Nose – does he need antibiotics?

Jan, I have a question.
I have a big strapping (until this morning) bulldog pup.
He suddenly has a runny snotty
nose. Can I give him some antibiotics?


Hi Tammy,

It depends on why his nose is running.

If he’s having a seasonal allergic reaction to pollens, an antibiotic would
not help. Instead you could give him a dye free children’s dose of Benadryl
(red pack) and see if it helps alleviate his symptoms.

If he has a cold an antibiotic would do no good and it will resolve on it’s own.
The snotty-ness could indicate a cold, but it could also indicate infection.
Dogs do get colds just like humans and usually get better in a few days.

If he has an upper respiratory infection then he would need an antibiotic but
I think you should consult a vet to get a proper diagnosis so he can get
the correct antibiotic for his infection.

You should keep an eye on him. If he gets worse or has any trouble breathing
or gets lethargic or can’t seem to get comfortable, those are all signs that he
may need medical attention.

If he gets better then he probably had an allergy or a cold.

Your Bulldog Pal,


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