Lump on Young Bulldog’s Neck

I was wondering, I know you have been through alot with your Bulldog Archie and I was wondering if he has ever happened to have a lump under his neck by where his collar would hang?

My fiance had noticed this lump on our mini bulldog Tuffy’s neck. He said he first noticed it about a couple of months ago and since has gotten a little bigger but tonight it looked like part of it was a scab & started to come off, so he cleaned it off with peroxide since it was bleeding.

We haven’t noticed a change in his personality or demenor but I have never seen or heard of anything like this. This is the only thing that could possibly be a genetic defect or something along that line as the only issue he has had was an allergic reaction to a flea medication.

He has been a really good & healthy dog but this worries me & we have an appointment for him on Monday but I was told that maybe it was a cut that got infected or a cyst that has gotten irritated. I guess basically I am hoping you might have heard or seen this before & can maybe put my mind at ease. Attached is a picture of what the lump looks like. I greatly appreciate any help or advice you can give.


Hi Jennifer,

That could be a histiocytoma, a benign tumor of the skin cells and is usually found on young dogs.  If that’s the case you do not need to have it removed as it will resolve itself on it’s own.  I think that peroxide might irritate it because it is quite drying.

My Archie had one on his upper neck when he was young.  It was quite gruesome looking especially to other pet owners.  My vet advised me to leave it alone and it went away after a couple months.

It’s still important to get a proper diagnosis from your vet.  Here’s a link to more information on histiocytomas:

your bulldog pal,



  1. Agnes
    November 23rd, 2011 | 12:09 pm

    I know this was posted some time ago but my husband and i just got a baby bully (3 months ago) he’s going to be 6 months in December. About a month ago he got a spot just like that on top of his neck. We thought it was a bite but it wasn’t getting better so we took him to the vet. Vet tested the lump to see if it was cancer but it wasn’t and just told us to leave it alone. It’s getting a little better. Same vet visit we also discovered he had mange so we’re battling that now. I give him NuVet vitamins and i’m hoping he gets better.

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