Dog Toxic Xylitol in Many Foods and Drugs

The dangers of chocolate for dogs are well known.  But not so well known is the extremely toxic sweetener known as xylitol.  You may have heard of it as a sugarless gum sweetener but it is also becoming very popular in many food and liquid drug items.

Dr. Khuly explains:  “xylitol is a menace to dogdom…How menacing? A few sugar-free breath fresheners, a pack of gum, a spilled tin of mints, a sugar-free dessert cup. It takes only a little of this toxin to send a dog into hypoglycemia-induced seizures, and just a little bit more to bring on liver failure.

Xylitol is a great product. It’s a natural extract from the birch tree, and it takes only a little bit of this stuff to sweeten a whole lot. It’s therefore less expensive than other sugar substitutes. And it happens to taste better than most of them. Diabetics everywhere can rejoice! The tooth fairy, too.

The human versions of drugs, especially the children’s elixirs, are now being formulated with xylitol for greater pediatric palatability. Unfortunately, the lower doses in the kids’ meds are exactly what some of our smaller animal patients require.”

You can read the entire article here:
Dog toxic xylitol in gums, mints, desserts … and now drugs | PetMD.


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