Reverse Sneeze Often Occurs in Bulldogs – video

If your Bulldog has ever had a reverse sneezing episode you know that it can cause panic in the viewer.  My  English Bulldog Vivy had them fairly regularly which I attributed to her elongated palate.  When she did this I would hold her head up and stroke her throat from the chest area up towards her head and she would usually stop.

Here’s a good explanation of a reverse sneeze and a video demonstration.

“Reverse sneezing” occurs when a dog feels a tickling sensation in the back of their throat. It is somewhat equivalent to a person clearing their throat. However, when dogs reverse sneeze, the symptoms appear ridiculously overly dramatic. They assume a stiff posture with head and neck rigidly extended forward. This is accompanied by forceful, noisy inhalation and exhalation that can last for several seconds, even minutes. Check out the example of reverse sneezing in the video below.

Here are some examples of other behaviors/symptoms that should prompt you to grab your cell phone and shoot some video (if you can think of others, please let me know):

1. Weakness
2. Trembling
3. Incoordination
4. Falling down/collapse
5. Episodes of pain
6. Symptoms associated with passing urine or stool
7. Making odd noises (in this situation audio taping is a must along with video)
8. Coughing (again, adding audio is great)
9. Labored breathing
10. Limping/lameness
11. Odd behavior

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