My Bulldog Has a Cold

hi jan, do you have any suggestions for treating my bulldogs cold? thx
She’s getting better, passed it on to my other bulldog. Its like having kids.

If it’s just a cold she’ll get over it in a week or so.  If it gets worse, or he develops
a cough or congestion in her chest or if he starts pacing and not being able to
get comfortable she may have pneumonia and needs to go to her vet.

One more thing.  It could be kennel cough which is like the common cold
for dogs.  Another highly contagious virus going around is the dog flu.  It
can be more serious than a cold but usually not serious.  Again, keep an
eye on your dogs and see your vet if symptoms get worse.  Be sure they
drink lots of water.  You can read more about canine influenza here:

Most colds and flu are caused by viruses and cannot be treated unless they
develop bacterial infections such as pneumonia.  Just like a child, keep an
eye on them for improvement or a worsening of symptoms.  Keep them
quiet and fed with plenty of water.


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