Bulldog Adoption and Rescue Scams

Bulldog Rescue is a noble profession and has many dedicated honest people who work tirelessly to save our breeds from harm.  That’s why it’s so disheartening to find unscrupulous puppy mill breeders who exploit innocent folks who just want a bulldog.  I found this post in the Frog Dog Blog

“Avoiding this scam: Learn to differentiate between a real rescue group, and a company selling puppies. A legitimate rescue will be well organized, well established, and often times a registered charity. There will hardly ever be cute young puppies available, since there’s no lack of homes waiting for adorable puppies. Most rescue dogs are older, with many in need of veterinary care.”

Read entire post here:

Wendy Faith Laymon and “Fake” Rescue a French Bulldog | Frogdog Blog – A French Bulldog Breeder’s Blog.


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