Bathing English Bulldogs

Hello Jan
How offen do I bathe the puppies? and how about when adults?


Hi John,

Some people bathe puppies as much as once a week.
I’m not a strong believer in frequent bathing. I only
recommend once a month unless they get really dirty.

Bathing often can lead to dry skin and can promote
allergic reactions. The natural oils in a dog’s coat
provide protection from parasites and bacteria.

When you bathe, be sure that you do not get any water
in the ears or nose fold as this can lead to yeast infections.
Moisture is a perfect breeding ground for yeast so you
want to be sure to keep the ears, nose folds, and tail
pockets dry.

I recommend brushing your bulldogs at least every few
days. This will help keep the coat healty and clean.
And the bulldogs love it.

If you do bathe them regularly, you could consider adding
an Omega 3 supplement to their diet. Omega 3s (from
flax or salmon oil) provide essential fatty acids and also
help boost your bulldog’s immune system.

Your Bulldog Pal,



  1. bbarona
    June 17th, 2007 | 1:19 pm

    Hello Jan, My baby is 6 and he has not yet been neutered, but we are seriously considering the surgery so that he does not develop any prostate problems in the future. The vet is recommending that we also do the soft pallete surgery at the same time. We live in manhattan and are very confident in the care that he will recieve, but I am nervous about the anesthesia and the recovery time. Are the benefits to the surgery worth it? How long does this combo surgery take? What can we expect when he comes home?

  2. September 19th, 2007 | 12:22 pm

    I’m sorry I just now saw your response. If you want to ask a question, it is best to email me at

    I do not recommend the palate surgery, especially if your dog is 6 and has been fine so far. The new techniques make it less risky, but it should only be done in cases where your bulldog’s health is at risk.

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