French Bulldog with Severe Allergies – Any Suggestions?

Thank you for such a quick response.  I look forward to any information you might have regarding the “frenchie”.

My little bulldog is miserable.  Her one ear continually has a redness to it, causing her to shake her head.  I take her to the vet and she is prescribed anitbiotics and ear drops.  It goes away for a short time then it returns.

She is constantly doing the sit and spin.  Her eyes are watery.  She constantly licks her paws which are red and inflamed.  And occasionally, her underbelly toward her back legs breaks out in a rash with little red bumps.

I recently stopped giving her processed or purchased dog food and started making meals for her myself.  I omitted anything to do with corn, included baby food, brown rice and hamburger or chicken with shredded vegies or potatoes.  It appeared as though she was getting better, then all of a sudden it all comes back again.

I bathe her once a week with oatmeal soap to keep her clean enough to know that her fur is not collecting anything.  She is primarily an inside dog and goes outside occasionally.

Someone suggested a product that I can purchase on line that controls the yeast levels.  Do you know anything about this?



Hi Judy,

That certainly sounds like allergies.  Keep up with the healthy food, it can
take a while.  Paw licking is the definitive sigh of allergies.
The rash could be the result of a “contact allergy” in which she lays on
something that irritates her belly.  Eliminate any harsh detergents and
get the ‘free and clear’ version, and don’t use any dryer softening towels.
Same with carpet cleaners & floor cleaners – nothing harsh.
I’d recommend you continue with the ear drops in case there is yeast
building up.  Clean them daily as the head shaking has to do with yeast
deep in the ear canal.  And you can treat the patch on the ear with a
soothing ointment.
Sitting and spinning is a sign of either yeast in the tail pocket or the
need to express the anal glands.  You can clean her tail with some witch
hazel on a cotton pad daily.
There is a simple home remedy I have used with my bulldog to help
control yeast.  Add 1 Tbs Braggs apple cider vinegar (available at natural
foods stores) to her water bowl each time you fill it up.  It changes the
ph balance and can help control the growth of yeast.
Also, you might want to reduce the amount of bathing as it can actually
dry out the skin and contribute to irritations.
And when she takes antibiotics be sure to give her some probiotics
(human or dog variety) or a little yogurt with live cultures to help counteract
the effect of the antibiotics.
Finally, has she been checked for mites?  Demodex is very common in
young dogs and a simple skin scraping by your vet will rule this out.  They
will cause little bumps and make small areas of hair fall out.  Often they
resolve on their own within a month and no medications are necessary.
your bulldog pal,


  1. Apryl
    March 22nd, 2010 | 3:07 pm

    Hi Judy,
    I have a Boxer & a French Bulldog. For 2 years my Boxer had the same symptoms as your Frenchie. All of his hair fell out, his skin was red & rashy everywhere, and I had to put a lamp shade collar around his head because his ears and head were sut open from all of his scratching. It was horrible. I was constantly taking him to the vet. They had him on antibiotics for “allergies”, benadryl, atarax & special shampoos…nothing helped. For a while I was making my own food for him too.
    One day I stopped into this little Dog Food store across the street from my mom’s house and after talking to the owner decided to give it a shot. The food is called Solid Gold. They have a Holistique Blend food that the lady told me would fix his skin problems. I was skeptical, but after one month on the food his skin cleared up and 3 years later he has not had any other issues with his skin.
    I swear by this food and have had my Frenchie on it since I got her. Most pet stores carry the brand now, but if there’s not one by you their website is It’s definitely worth getting one bag of the Holistique Blendz food to see if her skin and allergies get better. All of their foods are super healthy and don’t have any fillers.
    Good Luck & I would love to hear if it works!

  2. Christina
    August 5th, 2011 | 9:21 pm

    My vet has put my dog on a steroid to continually keep her allergies at bay.

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