Nail Trimming and Fleas

Hello Jan
One of the puppies doesn’t like her nails trimmed and she growls and bites me as I trim them and tires
to escape! Also Should I use a Tick and flea spray coz there are many at the Quarantine station!
–Thanks Aloha John


Hi John,

Nail trimming is not the most pleasant thing for many dogs. I don’t trim very
often as they usually wear them down on their own. But when I do, I always
give a treat afterwards so she’ll look forward to it.
Here’s a link to a detailed ‘how to’ on nail trimming:

And about the fleas, I’m really not very well informed because we do not have
fleas in Denver (lucky us!). Some flea treatments are harsh and should and
should not be used on puppies, so I’d recommend asking the vet about using

Vinegar can be used directly on your puppies’ skin to get rid of them
and it’s non-toxic. I’m just not sure how often you’d have to use it. To use,
put straight White vinegar on a cotton ball and keep it away from nose and eyes.

Your Bulldog Pal,


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