Where Can I Get A French Bulldog?

Hi Jan,

I really want to get a female puppy from a quality breeder or rescue.
Do you have any suggestions?  I have looked at what seems like 10,000
puppies on the internet, tried to get as much information that I could,
I have taken all kinds of internet quizzes and really just want to make
sure I get a healthy wonderful little puppy.

Do you have a breeder you would suggest?  I would consider rescuing
one but really want to have my first frenchie be all my own you know.

How would you suggest I go about getting something like an eight week
old female pied with a cute little dot on the top of her head?  I know it
sounds specific, but man are they cute.

Thanks again,



Hi Tim,

Do not get one on the internet – there are too many scams and puppy mills.
Start by going to the French Bulldog Club of America site, at this link:

Look under events and see if any are listed in your area.  Then you can see
the dogs and breeders in person.  You could also go to a Bulldog show
because the bulldog breeders often know or also breed Frenchies.

If there are no upcoming events, look in their breeder directory at this link.

You can also go to local French Bulldog meetup groups or local clubs.
These you can find by doing a google search for French Bulldogs plus
your city name.

You will be surprised how much information you can get from Frenchie
owners that you just talk to on the street.

Choose the breeder carefully.  Frenchies do have significant health issues
and can be costly if they become ill.



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