Severe Constipation Leads to Intestinal Blockage in Bulldog

Good Afternoon,

I have a question to see if you have experienced this or heard of this with other English Bulldogs.

Our 5 year old threw up her food (several X’s same day). Next day did same so we took her to vet. They did blood work, x-ray of stomach. There was a mass noticed. To make a long story shorter she ended up and had to have surgery. It ended up she had a stool blocking part of large intestine.  She couldn’t keep down even small amount food. They carefully massaged intestine, put anti-inflammatory and antibiotic to help prevent infection.

She’ll be at vet’s for several days so they can watch her, be available for any added medications and watch stool. Said she would have to push so to speak to get it out and they wanted to be able to do what might be needed for her to pass stool hopefully without problem.

Have you ever heard of one having this. I’ve heard of them not wanting to grunt a you might say and she is one we have to watch as she seems to get tight stools once in awhile and we have to give pumpkin to keep soft enough. If not, she’ll not complete job.

They did not open intestine and remove as they felt danger of infection etc was to great etc to great. Rest of everything looked good. No other blockage or foreign object.

Needless to say I have been a basket case, but now we’ll need to be even more checkful of this area.

Any suggestion to help prevent this from happening again. And how do you know if they’ve gotten cleaned out.



Hi Mary,

I have heard of several cases of intestinal blockage but not from
food alone.  Usually they ate something that made the blockage.  And
I have not heard of a dog being so constipated that they could not
defecate.  It sounds like she’s absorbing too much water out of her
food as she digests so they become hard and stuck.  This leads me to
believe she’s dehydrated.

As for remedies, I think that diet could make a difference.  Dry kibble is very
dehydrating and can actually absorb water out of the stomach and intestines
and lead to very firm stools.  Maybe you should add some warm water to her
food.  Or switch her to canned which has a higher moisture content.  food.

Do you add the pumpkin at every meal?  It’s a good solution, perhaps you
should add more.

You could also try adding fiber to the food.  Psyllium is a natural fiber – it
needs to be given with lots of water!  You could also try adding some oil to her
diet in the form of fish oil or even olive oil.  Milk is another remedy if she can

tolerate it.

Finally fresh pureed vegetables added to her food may help her.  Vegetables
have lots of fiber.  They must be pureed to be properly digested by a dog.

Finally exercise is good for proper digestion.  Be sure she is getting enough
exercise.  Take her for walks a couple times a day or throw the ball for her to chase.

Your Bulldog Pal,




  1. kas
    February 16th, 2010 | 7:59 am

    I am going thru the same thing with an english…the vet has her on 1/4cup of pumpkin 3 times a day along with stool softners 2 times a day….it helps some but she still strains to go…and even then she doesnt always go. i am at my wits end becuase i dont know what else to do and she has to be miserable.

  2. gail
    December 12th, 2010 | 11:22 am

    My 68 pound English Bulldog receives a tablespoon
    of sugar free (KONSYL) 100% natural psyllium fiber
    sprinkled on his food with 1/3 cup water added,
    twice a day. Available at Wal-Mart.
    I also add can pumpkin when needed,
    canned green tripe, and another GREAT product
    is Easy GO (Vitality Science) and super pet enzymes.
    Make sure your Englsih bulldog is drinking fresh
    water and never use the Konsyl without adding water
    because it bulks up and she may choke. The fiber
    must be given EVERYDAY, Twice a day with the water.
    Constipation will no longer be a problem. Feed quality
    grain free food (Wellness), (Taste of the Wild), all grain
    free and rotate proteins. Don’t forget the canned green tripe. Keeps down the Vet bills when you feed the quality
    food and add the fiber. WORKS!

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