Where To Get a Bulldog Puppy?

Hi Jan i was wondering if you would give me your phone number so i can ring and talk to you about the bulldog that i am going to get i have some questions that i am trying to find out if this alright with you. I am going to buy your book but i have to get the dog first. thank you Leean


sorry, I get so many questions, I can only communicate by email.

I can give you some guidelines on getting a bulldog.
You must do research in your local area – meet other bulldog owners,
go to any local shows, find out who the reputable breeders are, and
never purchase from the internet.

Google your area plus bulldog club and you should find a club near
you.  These people know the most about their dogs in their area.

Championship bulldogs are not always the healthiest since they are
bred for looks and not for health.  That said, I got my current bulldog
from a local breeder with championship dogs.  But I made sure that
their dogs have few health issues and I talked to many people who
had purchased their dogs from them.

Here’s links to a couple posts on my blog you may find interesting:



your bulldog pal,


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