9 Year Old Bulldog with Arthritis on nsaids

Hi Jan,

Thank you for your regular and most helpful information that we receive on a
regular basis.

We have a Bulldog who’s name is Gilbey, and he’s almost 9 years old (see
picture attached). We have had Gilbey since he was a pup and he has always
been in fairly good health. However, he has developed a rather severe case
of arthritis as he has become older and has come to the point now where he
can hardly walk sometimes. Other than this he is in very good health and
although he gets regular exercise and we watch his diet (currently weighs
around 30kg) it is sad to watch his mobility and lust for life be eroded by
this awful disease as time goes by. We have him on the Hill’s F/D Diet and
we supplement this with a product called Mobiflex to assist with the
deteriation of his joints. We have heard that magnets can help with
arthritis but we’d like to find out what we can do to make life a little
better for Gilbey. Can you possibly assist in this regard?

Kind Regards,

Sam Taylor


Hi Sam,

Congratulations on a long lived bulldog – he looks like a real love!

You can give Gilbey a dog supplement with Glucosamine and
Condroitin.  Cosamine DS or In Clover’s Connection

You can also give him a baby aspirin instead of the Mobiliflex
(ask your vet first).

Mobiliflex is a nsaid anti-inflammatory drug with some powerful
side effects such as nausea, dizziness and even pancreatitis.
My Vivy nearly died after being put on Rimadyl – another drug
in this class of anti-inflammatory.

I’d suspect the nsaid if he has become less active after being on it.
It is possible he is feeling bad from the side effects:

Be sure your vet tests his liver function when on the anti-inflammatory drug.

Exercise is good for him so keep him moving.

I would also say that Hills is not a very high quality food and I’d
suggest you switch him to something from one of the very high
quality brands like Innova or Nature’s Variety (Prairie).

I don’t know about the magnets, have not tried them but have
heard of people using them with success.

One other option you could try is acupuncture – it is known to
work really well on dogs with arthritis.

I hope this helps.  Please let me know how Gilbey does.

Your Bulldog Pal,


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