Little Red Bumps in Ears – What Kind of Infection?

Hi there Jan,

My name is Angela and I have written to you in the past pertaining to
my wonderful little bully, Dolly. She had been having head tremors at that
time and you really helped me out with the information you provided.
You will be happy to know that for the most part the tremors have subsided.

I do have another question for you about Dolly that you may be of some
assistance. My husband and I have your book, “The Healthy Bulldog”, which
we love and refer to on a lot of occasion.

We just can’t seem to find what we’re looking for when it comes to her ears.
For the past two weeks she has these tiny red bumps inside her ears.
They are crusty with dry blood on them. There is not an odor or any puss.
It actually looks like the end stages of the chicken pox. One ear worse than
the other. She has just began to scratch at them.

Since she was a puppy, she has always allowed me to clean her ears out
with aloe and vitamin E baby wipes, but lately she runs from me and hates
for me to come near her with the wipes no matter how gentle I am. It is
strange for her to not like her ears cleaned considering she used to love it.

My hubby and I also are very proud owners of another male bully named
Samson and two very precious toy poodles, Tiki and Sweet pea. I have
been watching their ears and they are fine. No bumps or crusty blood.
Brian, my hubby, seems to think it may be an allergy to her food, but
she has been on the same food since we first got her.

Could she be developing this allergy as she gets older? We think
it may also be a yeast infection. She also has a couple small bald
spots on her neck due to scratching.

I just wanted to pick your brain and see what you thought. We will
be calling the vet if need be. Please forgive my long email. I know
your busy and I do appreciate any ideas you may have.

Thanks a bunch, Angela


Hi Angela,

It is probably not yeast because with a yeast infection in the
ears, there is usually brownish smelly discharge or waxy stuff.
And it’s sour smelling.

It could be food allergies – what are you feeding her? And is she
on any medications or supplements?

Food allegies can create bald spots and ear infections.  The scratching
is a classic sign of allergies.

She can develop an intolerance to her food over time.  Being
fed the same ingredients, however good, constantly can lead
to a reaction to some small ingredient.  I recommend changing
food every 3-6 months to avoid this.

Although food may be the underlying cause, there are some
remedies to make her feel better now.

You can give her a dye-free benadryl children’s dose (pink box) –
it really helps short term with allergic reactions.

You can try using some calendula cream in her ears – it’s a soothing,
healing cream.  You can get it at a natural foods store.  It may clear
them up in a few days.

If not, it could be mites.  Do you see any tiny brown granulated looking
spots?  Usually there’s an odor involved with a mite infection.
An easy cure for mites is to rub a few drops of mineral oil or
mullein oil (natural foods store) in the ear.  It will kill any mites.

It can also be associated with fleas, but I’m assuming that is not
the case.

It is also possible that there is something in the baby wipes that
is irritating her ears.  By stopping using them, you’ll know soon if
that’s the case.

If you take her to the vet, he should do a skin scraping to determine
what it is.  They often just prescribe anti-biotics without even finding
out what’s the cause.  And it doesn’t sound like she has an infection.

I hope this helps.  Please let me know how she’s doing and tell me
what you’re feeding her.

Your Bulldog Pal,


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