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Hello Jan
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I have a question! I purchase two girls They are in Quarantine here in Kauai Hawaii! They are 11 weeks old! One of the puppies developed cherry eye and the vet wants to do surgery by tacking it back behind eyeball this will require putting the dog a sleep! They tried to push it back in but it just rolled back out! Can you give me some input! I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing! The vet said if this doesn’t work it will have to be removed!
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Hi John,

Cherry eye is very common in bulldogs because of the lack of room in their
heads. Breeding the nose back into the face makes things a bit cramped.
Cherry eye in one eye is usually followed by the development of it in the other
eye, so you might want to wait and see if the other eye ‘pops’.

These are tear glands and they should be sewn back into the eye by an
opthomologist vet. It is not necessary to do the surgery right away. Your
puppy will be fine for some time as long as she doesn’t run into anything
and damage the gland and if it stays moist.

I actually had this with my bulldog Vivy and we waited a month or so and sure
enough the other gland popped out. Then I had them both sewn back in with
no problems thereafter.

You definitely want to have the gland sewn back in because if it is removed
your dog could develop dry eye and possibly go blind. Dry eye requires eye
drops be placed in the eyes daily.

Personally, I would not recommend surgery on such a young dog. This is
not a life threatening event and the puppy is probably already stressed
from being in quarantine. You could wait at least a month without ill

Cherry eye surgery is not major surgery but does require anesthesia. And
a young puppy is more at risk than an older dog during surgery. It seems
to me it would be best to let them settle into their new home before this
surgery is performed.

Here’s a link to more information on Cherry Eye:

I hope this helps. Please email with any more questions.

Your Bulldog Pal,


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