Should I Breed My Beautiful Male English Bulldog?

I have been visiting your website for the past 3 or 4 years.
I have three wonderful bulldogs.  One female and two males.

The only one not fixed is my youngest male (8 months old).
He is sooo beautiful that we didn’t rush to get him fixed as
we thought he would make an awesome stud.  But I know
nothing about studding out a dog.

I am not a breeder, just an avid lover of bulldogs!

I was hoping that you might shed some insight on this subject for me.
Or maybe point me in the right direction on how to educate myself on the subject.

Thanks for your help!



Hi Kelly,

I don’t breed bulldogs, I like to leave that to the experts, but I
know a few things about the breeding.

Your handsome guy is too young right now – he won’t be full
grown until he’s about 18 months old.  Then you will have a
better idea about his suitability for breeding.

It’s obviously easier for the stud dog than the female,
but there are many important things
to consider before breeding your bulldog.

One is lineage – it is critical that bulldogs not be bred to relatives
since so many of their health problems come from inbreeding.
Casual breeding or breeding for looks has led to many of the
devastating health problems our bulldogs suffer from.

Next, you need to have your bulldog fully checked out to make sure
he does not have any orthopedic problems.  This will require x-rays.

Third, the elongated soft palate.  If your bullie has breathing problems
due to his palate, he should not be bred.

Also you need to keep in mind temperament.  You really only want
to breed bulldogs with sweet dispositions since their origins and
history involved fighting and aggression.

Here’s a link to a great site that has lots of information on breeding:
This article tells what to look for in a stud dog and will let you know
what you need to do:

This one concerns whether to breed:

Good luck with your decision making process.

your bulldog pal,


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