Bulldog Butt Scooting Behavior

Aloha Jan,

We purchased your book and now have a problem that we are researching – and
can’t really find the answer anywhere.

Our female bully, Pudding is about 7 1/2 months old and has recently started
rubbing her butt on the floor and spinning in circles. This is associated
with some really strange growling/painful sounds also – making us worry
something is wrong.

I did see a Q&A about it being possible that there’s some bacteria or yeast
under her tail there that is causing problems – but we can’t find any
redness or any other sign to indicate this is the problem (but will still
try the Gold Bond powder in case).

Our suspicion is that it could be related to her first heat………as we
heard 7 months is the normal time to begin and she hasn’t yet. Do you think
this is possible OR it’s a medical problem that needs attention? We’d love
to read more about dealing with her heats & breeding, as can’t really find
any bulldog-specific information on that. Can you recommend anything?

Please let us know your thoughts asap as we are getting worried.

Thanks so much!!!!


Hi Anitra,

It doesn’t sound like this behavior would be associated with her
going into heat although she is old enough. When she goes into
heat the first sign is a swelling of her vulva. Here’s a link to more
information on this topic from reputable breeders:

And if it were her tail, you would probably see some infection deep
in the tail pocket, and it would smell yeasty. She could also be
agitated when you touch her tail.

This sounds like it could be her anal gland sacs need to be “expressed”.
This is a common occurance in dogs in general. To check, lift up her tail,
when you look at her anus, these two anal sacs are located at the 4 and
8 o’clock positions. If they appear swelled (they will be firm and feel
like grapes) and there is some odor, this is most likely what she has.

You can treat this yourself if you want to, but it can be really smelly
and pretty gross. Your vet can tell you if that’s what it is. The anal
sacs release a little odor onto a dog’s stools and that’s what dogs
sniff for. They can get blocked when their stools are too soft and
don’t put enough pressure on the sac to release a drop of oil onto
the stool.

I’m attaching an article about this.

There are other conditions that could be going on, like an infection
in her anal gland sacs or something else around her anus, so I think
a trip to your vet would be in order.

Your Bulldog Pal,


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