Leptospirosis: deadly bacteria

Leptospirosis or Lepto as it is often called is a potentially deadly bacteria found in many suburban as well as rural areas.  Your dog can be infected by swimming in infected, usually stagnant water or in the urine of infected animals or by eating a diseased animal.  It enters the bloodstream through small cuts or through the mucous membranes in the nose and eyes and mouth of your pet.

Here are the symptoms as described by veterinarian Dr. Coates:

“a dog will first develop a fever and then about a week later evidence of kidney and/or liver failure dominates the clinical picture. Lethargy, poor appetite, muscle and joint pain, vomiting, increased thirst, the production of abnormally large or small amounts of urine, yellow mucous membranes, and bleeding or bruising are common. Routine blood work and a urinalysis can often diagnose kidney and liver failure, but specific tests are needed to identify leptospirosis as the underlying cause.”

If you suspect your dog has been exposed or is exhibiting symptoms consistent with Leptospirosis, get him or her to your vet for testing.

via Leptospirosis: Part 1 | Fully Vetted | petMD.