Sailing with My Bulldog

The puppy(she) is now almost 3 months old.This coming summer I plan to take her on my sailing yacht for 4 weeks.Do you have any tips?

Hi Dick,

I think she would be fine on your yacht.  Keep in mind she can’t swim so
if she’s on deck with any possibility of going overboard, you might want to
get a life jacket for her.

There is the possibility she could get seasick you can take along some

Benadryl (smallest dose, dye free – pink box).  She could also get sunburned so I’d limit her time in the noon day sun.

Have a great adventure!



My Bulldog Has a Cold

hi jan, do you have any suggestions for treating my bulldogs cold? thx
She’s getting better, passed it on to my other bulldog. Its like having kids.

If it’s just a cold she’ll get over it in a week or so.  If it gets worse, or he develops
a cough or congestion in her chest or if he starts pacing and not being able to
get comfortable she may have pneumonia and needs to go to her vet.

One more thing.  It could be kennel cough which is like the common cold
for dogs.  Another highly contagious virus going around is the dog flu.  It
can be more serious than a cold but usually not serious.  Again, keep an
eye on your dogs and see your vet if symptoms get worse.  Be sure they
drink lots of water.  You can read more about canine influenza here:

Most colds and flu are caused by viruses and cannot be treated unless they
develop bacterial infections such as pneumonia.  Just like a child, keep an
eye on them for improvement or a worsening of symptoms.  Keep them
quiet and fed with plenty of water.


Brad Pitts Bulldog

What’s the perfect addition to a household full of kids?  A Bulldog of course!  And it looks like that’s what the Jolie-Pitts needed to complete their brood.

It’s obvious from this photo how much Brad loves his Bulldog.  Of course it’s no surprise to us.

When the actor recently brought his pooch along to keep him company at aParade magazine photo shoot, the dog (whose name we don’t know) ended up running the show. He even managed to get front and center in some of the pictures! “He organically popped up in the shots after the shoot began,” photographer Michael Muller tells PEOPLE Pets.

Brad Pitts Bulldog Is One Pushy Pooch | Celebrities | News | PEOPLE Pets.


Concerning Vaccinations for Your Bulldog

My Bulldog Archie had a bad reaction to his last rabies vaccine and I have serious doubts about my local laws about rabies vaccination frequency.  Since he lives in an urban area with very minimal exposure to wild creatures who could carry rabies, I’m reluctant to re-vaccinate.

The Rabies Titer Test is a good way to find out if your dog really needs a rabies booster (see #5 below), but there’s more to this story and Dr Kay has a good article stating other considerations for vaccination, including:

  1. Educate yourself about available canine vaccinations and the diseases they are capable of preventing (in some cases treating the disease, should it arise, might be preferable to the risks and expense associated with vaccination). Learn about duration of vaccine protection and potential side effects.
  2. Figure out which diseases your dog has potential exposure to.
  3. lert your veterinarian to any symptoms or medical issues your dog is experiencing.  It is almost always best to avoid vaccinating a sick dog — better to let his immune system concentrate on getting rid of a current illness rather than creating a vaccine “distraction.”
  4. Let your vet know if your dog has had vaccine side effects in the past. If the reaction was quite serious, she may recommend that you forego future vaccinations, necessitating an official letter to your local government agency excusing your pup from rabies• related requirements
  5. Consider vaccine serology for your dog.  This involves testing a blood sample from your dog to determine if adequate vaccine protection still exists (remember, vaccine protection for the core diseases lasts a minimum of three years).  While such testing isn’t perfect, in general if the blood test indicates active and adequate protection, there is no need to vaccinate.
  6. Ask your veterinarian about the potential side effects of proposed vaccinations

Read the entire article:
Vaccinations for Your Dog: A Complex Issue «


Bulldog Adoption and Rescue Scams

Bulldog Rescue is a noble profession and has many dedicated honest people who work tirelessly to save our breeds from harm.  That’s why it’s so disheartening to find unscrupulous puppy mill breeders who exploit innocent folks who just want a bulldog.  I found this post in the Frog Dog Blog

“Avoiding this scam: Learn to differentiate between a real rescue group, and a company selling puppies. A legitimate rescue will be well organized, well established, and often times a registered charity. There will hardly ever be cute young puppies available, since there’s no lack of homes waiting for adorable puppies. Most rescue dogs are older, with many in need of veterinary care.”

Read entire post here:

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