Bulldog Swallows Part of Kong – Has Intestinal Surgery


Just wanted to give you a brief of something that happened to my bulldog, Buffy.  She managed to chew off the top of a small kong and swallowed it.

She managed to completely swallow it, it passed through her stomach and lodged about 3 inches into her intestines.  She had to have major surgery from this.

The worse part of it was how very sick she became like all at once.  She began throwing up continuously.  She had a x-ray and ultrasound and because of the kong being rubber it did not show up on these.

She was sick like this for about 4 days and then finally the vet and I decided it was time for exploratory surgery and that is what they found.

She is recovering wonderfully, but just thought I would pass this onto you.


Hi Gonde,

That’s a harrowing story.  Intense and unremitting vomiting is definitely a sign of intestinal blockage and I do hear of cases on a regular basis.  Anything from toys to stuffing to blankets to bottle caps and even rocks.

If you see a bulldog chewing on anything they shouldn’t be sure to check in the mouth and keep an eye on poop passage for a few days.  One day I saw a piece of rope in Archie’s stool and was very thankful it hadn’t lodged inside his intestines.

This is the first time I’ve heard of a bulldog being able to chew apart a Kong – I’ve always considered them indestructible.  I’m very glad to hear she’s ok now.

your bulldog pal,