Couch Potato Bulldog Doesn’t Want to Exercise

Hi Jan,
My name is Kathy and I know your pretty knowledgeable about Bulldogs.
We have a 3 1/2 yr old male. He weighs about 87 pounds.

He has breathing issues too. We are wondering about a diet for him?
We currently feed him the Instinct brand of food. Approx 2 cups in the am
and 2 cups at night. (is that too much?)

he is a picky eater so sometimes we have to add chicken….canned or packaged to the food.
Do you have any suggestions for a low fat food that he might eat?

He is stubborn so sometimes we have to motivate him with treats.
I buy lowfat baked and limit those to maybe 1 or 2 per day.
He gets no exercise either. We have tried to walk him but he doesn’t
like it at all and will just stop and lay down on the spot when he’s had enough.

Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,


Hi Kathy,

Your English Bulldog sounds like a real couch potato.  He may have the dog
equivalent of a beer belly!

A normal male bulldog weighs about 50-55 pounds, so unless he is really
big he is very overweight.  I’d suggest you stick with the Instinct, it’s a really
good food, just cut it down to 3 cups a day.

A low fat diet is not the best way for a young dog to lose weight.  Rather, you
should consider limiting his calories and increasing his exercise.

Adding chicken or other meats to his diet is also a good thing, just take
into account how much you add and subtract it from the amount of
kibble you feed.  Contrary to popular belief table scraps are not bad for
a dog.  If you think about it, all dog food is made from table scraps.

His breathing problems may come from being over weight, although he
could have palate problems as well.

And if you can get him to walk, he will also lose weight as well as live longer.
If he likes treats, get him to move towards you to get one, or better yet, run
around the house a bit or down the block.

Does he like to chase a ball? If you get him moving, especially
when it’s not too warm, he may wind up enjoying it.

When you walk him do not try to pull him forward.  A dog has a natural
instinct to resist being pulled.  Rather turn him to the side or entice him
with a really tasty treat.

Diet and exercise are the key to dog health.  Good luck.

your bulldog pal,


Dry Eye in Bulldog Who Had Cherry Eyes Removed

I was wondering if you have any remedies for a 5 yr old bulldog that has already
had eye surgery from previous owner but I do not know the DX, but his lids were cut.

He was fine for the first 6 months we had him and then this green/yellow goop
appeared on his eyes, almost like a cataract.  2 different vets said he had dry eye
and gave me optimmun 2X day

So many of your holistic remedies have worked great on him, wrinkles, tail etc
I was hoping you had some suggestions.  I clean his eyes 2X day with eye wash
and washcloth but probably about 4-5 X’s a day we have to wipe his eyes with
tissues to get goop out. I think it impares his vision as sometimes he runs into things.
Optimmun is just OK certainly not a remedy.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you



Hi Ellen,

Have you been to an ophthalmologist specialist who could tell you for
sure what’s going on?

It sounds like he had cherry eye and their solution was to remove the
glands, which also make the tears for his eyes.  (I’d like to verbally thrash
the people that think this is a good solution for cherry eye) This type of surgical
removal of tear glands can lead to dry eye, infection, and loss of vision.

If his glads are gone, the Optimmun will not help restore them and the best
thing you could do is to put sterile eye drops (like for humans – not visine, but
just natural drops) into the corner of his eyes up to every two hours if possible.
It’s a lot of work, but the only solution I know of except a surgical procedure
that re-routes some of his saliva to the eye.  This would be expensive.

Here’s an article on dry eye with photos and solutions from a vet surgery
center.  I do think in your case the glad was removed so the Optimmun drug therapy
you are using (also mentioned here) would not work since he doesn’t have the
tear duct glands.

Again, an ophthalmologist could tell you if his tear duct glands have been removed.

I hope this helps.  Let me know how he’s doing.

your bulldog pal,