Worrisome Dog Food Consolidation News

There have been many complaints about Canidae dog foods lately
especially their All Life Stages product.  Dogs that have been eating
it for years are suddenly having problems.

There was a formula change which is documented and touted as
a great improvement in holistic dog foods on their website

There is also a rumor that they were sold to Diamond Pet Foods.
I dug a little deeper and found that Canidae is in fact only using
Diamond as a processor of their foods. But that indicated to me
bigger and not necessarily better!

My specialty retailer told me the Canidae reps said the formula change
is due to the rice shortage. It is true there is a rice shortage, but
again the growth in size tells me they are ramping up to sell the company.

I used to be in the ad business and that is what a company often does
to promote a big buy out: increase output and market presence, like
when Wellness ramped up and started selling in big box retailers.

Now I’ve just heard that Nature’s Variety, my current favorite and
maker of Prairie, Instinct, and Raw Diets, has been sold to Berwind,
the same private company that purchased Wellness.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more consolidation stories soon.

your bulldog pal,


Excessive Hum*ping in Bulldog

I have a 7 month old English Bulldog who I love with all my heart….I have had several, but, I have never come across a male that was so se*ually excitable As Buster, He actually humps air….and anything else that he can…
I’m concerned.



Hi Gary,

Some young bulldogs will get easily excited and hump the air.
This is usually just a phase that doesn’t last long (a month or two).

There is a danger that his pen*is could get stuck when it’s enlarged
and it can be painful.  Usually it resolves itself although he may
have difficulty even walking when this happens.  The little hairs on
the pupice curl in and keep the pen*is from being able to retract.

Here’s an explanation from www.lowchensaustralia.com/breeding/reprotract.htm:

During an erect*ion, the urethral gland on a dog’s pen*is can swell so much it is too wide to retract into the sheath. If the erect*ion is prolonged, the pen*is becomes dry and cannot be withdrawn. To treat this condition, lubricate the pen*is with water-soluble jelly and slide it back in its sheath. If this is not possible, keep it moistened with lubricant and get veterinary help.

If your bulldog tries to hu*mp people at this stage, you need to discourage
this kind of behavior or he will continue it his entire life.

To discourage it, you can either give him a verbal command if he will respond,
or squirt him with water and tell him firmly “no” when he attempt to hump a leg
or something.

In my experience this behavior is short lived.  When his testosterone stops
spiking, he will stop hump*ing the air.  And with firm, constant reprimands
for hump*ing a human, your English Bulldog will stop doing this as well.

your bulldog pal,


What’s the Best Chew Toy for a Bulldog?

HI Jan,

Could you tell me a good chew toy for bulldogs? Seems like everything we
buy Gracie only has it a few days then its all chewed up.  I have to really
watch her cause she will even chew the chair I am sitting in.

She doesn’t seem to like the real hard rubber ones which do seem to last
longer. Any kind of raw hide makes her throw up.

Any suggestions would be a great help?

Thanks so much,

Hi Janice,

I have found that Kong chew toys are the most durable for bullies.  Have
you tried the ones where you put a treat inside?  Sometimes this will
attract them when the toy alone they don’t like.

If Gracie is chewing on the wrong things, like your furniture, you can rub a
little BenGay on the furniture.  They hate the taste.  You can also try
Bitter Apple, be sure to shake it before spraying or else she’ll think it’s

Other brands that have done well for bulldogs are
-Nylaknot – nylabone’s extra tough line
-Sheepskin toys (be sure they cannot get the squeaker out and there are no
eyes that could be chewed out)
-Booda bones and ropes (be careful they can’t chew up the rope) – try the X-Large
Booda super 8 tug
-there is a rubber tug toy I’ve seen bulldogs playing tug-a-war with that seems to
last, called Invincible Chains Tug Toy – get the large one
-empty plastic water bottles (with cap, ring, and label removed) work really well,
my Archie loves them and the price is right!  Throw them out when they start to
show too much wear.

It’s ok for the dogs to play tug-a-war, but you should never let a human play tug
with them as it promotes a dominance instinct in the dog.

Rawhides, even the particle types are bad.  Rawhide expands in the stomach and can
kill a bulldog who swallows chunks of it.  Bulldogs gulp, they don’t really chew
their food.  Rope toys may be shredded and if they eat them, you can
get the same stomach problem.  So you need to keep an eye on them with a rope

A dog has a reflex at the back of the stomach that causes the to throw up
things that cannot be digested, but it does not always ensure your dogs
won’t be harmed by ingesting the wrong thing.

Never give a bulldog a greenie either, despite the new ads.  I’ve heard of
cases where a Greenie had to be surgically removed from a bulldog’s
stomach (at a cost of $3000).

good luck – bulldogs can destroy many chew toys in a matter of hours!

your bulldog pal,


English Bulldog Limping For a Few Weeks

Hi Jan,

I have an 5 year old English Bulldog that I have spoke to you before and after purchasing your book. Your book is very interesting but I still have a few questions. Bridgette (our bulldog) is on Glucosamine & Chondroitin with MSM and Meg3 Fish Oil EPA-DHA for her joints and she has been experiencing a limp off and on for the last few weeks, I was wondering if there is something else we could try? She doesn’t seem to be in pain, she is just walking with a limp.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Maureen

Hi Maureen,

It sounds like you’re doing the correct supplements for joint
health and they do work for certain types of cartilage problems.

If she’s been limping for a few weeks she probably has injured a
ligament, possibly torn her acl. I would suggest you take her to
an orthopedic specialist for evaluation so you can proceed with
a proper diagnosis.

Bulldogs are very stoic and do not yelp when in pain, but this
does not mean she hasn’t suffered some damage. And if her
joint is damaged, she will be walking with bone on bone and
that could be crippling in the long ter.

You can leave her as is but as she gets older she may
get arthritis and her quality of life will be impaired. My personal
opinion is to do corrective surgery if it’s called for rather than
have her medicated with nsaids which come with their own
set of health concerns.

your bulldog pal,


Olde English Bulldog versus English Bulldog


I have an Olde English Bulldog. I am finding several differences
between the English Bulldog and the Olde English Bulldog. Even the
Veterinarian is confused about the two. Thanks!


Hi Susie,

My understanding is the Olde English Bulldog was one breeder’s
attempt to return the English Bulldog back to it’s origins and
make breathing easier as well as produce a healthier dog,
with more endurance than our breathing compromised English

They have an association and website:
International Olde English Bulldogge Association

I’m not sure what they mixed into the English Bull to get
this new “breed” but they do have some guidelines.

I hope your bullie is very healthy!

your bulldog pal,


AAFCO – What’s Wrong With This Picture???

If you haven’t heard of the AAFCO, it’s the governing
regulatory agency that provides guidelines for pet foods.
You might think this is a good thing, but think again!

Here is a breakdown of approved foods for 2008.  It
makes me wonder who’s funding this group because they
recommend rice flour as their #1 ingredient to dogs
that are well known as primarily meat eaters.

This article came from Yes Biscuit, a blog devoted to
pet care.


Pet Food Ingredient Breakdown – #2

By YesBiscuit!

Today, I looked at a new, AAFCO approved food on the market for
dogs. It contains all the usual advertising tags which make me
suspicious: “100% complete and balanced”, “No fillers”, “High
quality proteins”, etc. Here are the first seven ingredients
leading up to the first source of fat:

1. Rice Flour – This is the main ingredient of the only food you
want me to feed my dog – rice flour? Isn’t that better used for
making gluten-free baked goods or something? Flour comes in a sack
and it’s all powdery. My dog doesn’t want that as the main
ingredient in his dinner! And I question the quality of any flour
sold for use in pet food. I assume that like many other pet food
ingredients, it’s of lower quality than the flour sold for human
consumption in my local grocery store. Exactly how much nutrition
is my dog supposed to get from this pet food grade sack of flour?
The “no fillers” claim isn’t sounding so truthful right about now.

2. Chicken By-Product Meal – This is a euphemism for things such as
chicken heads, feet, intestines, lungs, etc. If you don’t know (or
won’t say) what exactly you are putting in this food, don’t expect
me to feed it to my pets.

3. Meat Broth – What kind of “meat”? A hodgepodge of condemned
carcasses that were covered in charcoal to distinguish that they
are unfit for human consumption? Or is it something else, just as
disgusting? Again, if you either don’t know or won’t tell – I won’t
be feeding it.

4. Wheat Flour – See my powdery complaint above.

5. Glycerin – I was reading an article about how excited the pet
food industry is about using glycerin – a waste product of the
bio-fuel industry – in their products. Me, I was a little less

6. Corn Gluten Meal – Another waste product obtained from the
manufacture of corn syrup – not an ingredient I’m inclined to
sustain my pet’s life and health on.

7. Corn Flour – Enough with the sacks of powder already – my dog
wants some real food!

Overall product ingredients review: 4 paws down! Despite claims of
“premium nutrition”, there is not one ingredient appropriate for a
dog’s main meal among the first seven ingredients. And the product
itself is far more expensive than many on the market. What exactly
are we buying?


I don’t know about you, but that turns my stomach and I
would never feed my dog that kind of junk.  It’s a recipe
for skin problems and poor health.

To find out more about dog food and get a recommended foods list
and report on The Miracle of Healing Your dog With Food,
go to My Best Dog Food
fyi, it’s $29 but well worth the investment in my opinion!

your bulldog pal,